Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Makeovers! Part II

Hey there! Remember this little table from the winter?

Womp womp...

Originally a floor sample from my Crate&Barrel days, it's a sturdy little table that's kind of dark and boring. In February I filled in all the gouges in the wood, sanded it down real good, and then patiently waited for the temps to warm up so I could spray paint it! Well the time has finally come...

I decided to go with classic white rather than the yellow color I had been planning. This way it will be more versatile and maybe look a little more 'grown-up'. :) So welcome to my painting studio...

Primer Coat #1:
I've learned to do 2-3 thin coats rather than trying to cover everything on
the first go-round. It prevents drips and gives more even coverage. 

Glossy White Coat:
I found it easiest to get all angles of the square legs when the table was on
its side. I did one side, let it dry for 30 minutes, then flipped the table over
and did the other side. 

 Today it's all dry, so I popped the glass back in and set it up in the living room! Yay!

It's much brighter than the dark wood and looks much cleaner.

So that's it for the spray painting... for now. Next up, I'm thinking of doing a bit of rearranging of the living room furniture. Now that I'm on summer vacation, it's time to get some projects done!

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  1. It looks wonderful, Mackenzie. I just sent you a pallet idea that I think is great - but you need to find a second pallet.