Friday, May 30, 2014

Fri!Day! High!Lights!

Woot! It's Friday, y'all! I know several of you who are teachers that just finished up the school year, and I just gotta say:

No feeling better than finishing another a school year and entering the bliss of summer vacation. Congratulations to all you teachers out there who get to enjoy LIFE for a couple months. :) :) :)

So now it's time for my:

It's been a good week! I completed two makeover projects. So that feels great.


I finally, finally, finally purchased a smart phone. Baby's First iPhone. I am excited. :)

Of course I have already set my lock screen to a cat photo.
You probably already guessed that.

Even though the packaging said my bulbs would take 80-90 days to germinate, my gladiolas are already coming up!

I went on an awesome 4 mile hike with my friend H on Wednesday afternoon. I used my new iPhone and the MapMyWalk app to record our time, pace, distance, and a map of our route. Very cool! I can see how this app is going to encourage me to go on more walks and maybe even a run or two...
Anyway, on our hike, we came across a pond where there were, literally, THOUSANDS of baby frogs hopping about. 

We had to dramatically slow our pace (which, humorously, is reflected on the MapMyWalk app graph) to avoid trampling the hundreds of frogs in our path. It was c.r.a.z.y.

Tomorrow is the highly anticipated Oxford Wine Festival: 

Tickets include 5 wine tastings and a souvenir wine glass! I plan to be there for the full 8 hours. :)


  1. that is a lot of frogs!!

    cute blog you have!

    happy weekend!

  2. you know what would have made my friday highlight? if we were both at reunions!!!!!!!!!! next year we will be there . . . you should mark your calendar, too :) xoxo