Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pot O' Gold

Finally, finally, finally it was warm enough to spray paint today!!! That means the temperature was above 50 degrees!

I have my painting projects practically lined up in the basement, each item patiently waiting its turn to be TRANSFORMED!

Today I was testing out a color for the little round table I want to paint:

She's all sanded down and waiting in the basement. But I wanted to test the color on something smaller - cuz you never really know how it's going to look 'til it comes out of the can, you know?

Enter plastic flower pot from the top of my neighbor's trash heap:

The yogurt container is just to hold it up for spray painting ease.

That's right, I'm not above taking my neighbors' trash. It's a perfectly good flower pot - just lacks character is all.

After a little priming and painting, however, I had quite a bold yellow pot!

I like the color it adds to our living room console.

Now my little plant just needs to grow a little more! I didn't fill the dirt up to the top because I don't want it spilling out when I water the plant, so I guess I'll just have to be patient while my little green boy grows up and fills out his new pot!

I think it will be fun to paint the circle table in this bright, bold hue. What do you think?

And coming up tomorrow…. well, here's a little sneak peek! ;)

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  1. You should start a repurposing TV show, girl!

    Read The Fault in Our Stars - good read!