Monday, May 19, 2014

A Visit from the In-Laws

Somehow we managed to time Ted's parents' visit with graduation weekend here in Oxford. Saturday was the main Miami University graduation, and the town was pretty crowded with celebrating families, so we made sure to get well out of the way after lunch.

We headed down to Cincinnati to the William Taft house, where our 27th president grew up. After all, how can Ted resist the opportunity to visit a historical site?

The tour guides were very strange, and the house wasn't the greatest since it had had several other inhabitants since the Tafts lived there and none of their original furniture remained, but we got a couple good photos out of it.

The ground at the Taft house were very well tended. Your tax dollars at work!

After the Taft historical site, we went to the Cincinnati Art Museum, which is free.

We were impressed with the Chihuly glass sculpture inside the main entrance.

We didn't have much time since we arrived an hour before closing, and the museum staff was setting up for an evening event, so we just did a quick whirl through.

One interesting exhibit was this one where the artist, Todd Pavlisko, saved every coin he found on the ground for 10 years. He then coated each coin in gold plate and grouped them on the floor based on the year he found them.

They were mostly pennies, but Ted calculated one year's square as equaling around $80. I wonder how much the coins are worth when plated in gold...

After the museum we drove up into the hills and had a nice Italian dinner at Primavista Restaurant overlooking the city.

View of Cincinnati from the restuarant

We used this opportunity to take some updated couples photos.

On Sunday the weather improved tremendously (it had been seriously cold and rainy all day Friday and on Saturday morning), so we walked uptown and strolled around the Miami University campus.

We enjoyed watching the new grads taking photos with their families all over campus. After our long stroll, we had a well-earned lunch in a German basement bar called Steinkeller.

Today we have another beautiful, sunny day, but Ted's parents had to leave after lunch. We're glad they got to come see where we've been living for the past 9 months! Who's going to be our next visitor? :)

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