Friday, May 16, 2014

It's Friday. Time For...

I didn't get around to posting a Top 5 last week since my 'baby' was in the kitty hospital, so this week is a mash-up of the past two weeks, in no particular order.

Ted had the five students from his seminar class over to our house for dinner last Wednesday. It was nice to meet his students (all seniors). Ted baked up a delicious ziti, and I made a way-too-big salad. Then this week my students came over for a BBQ, which I posted about on Wednesday. The cats were very jealous.

Today was the last day of final exams for the Spring semester!! Whoo hoo! Let the summer begin!

Ted's parents are arriving this afternoon for a weekend visit. We bought a new bed for our guest room  since all the hotels in town are booked for graduation. Ted's excited because it's a firm mattress.
Oh yeah, and because his parents are coming.

I received some end-of-the-semester gifts from my students this week. My favorites were some Chinese tea and a Swarovski necklace in a... unique... shape.

And of course, the kittens continue to be highlights of each and every week. If you find yourself needing a minute to relax, just turn up your volume and watch this snoozy kitten.

And since Milo always gets the spotlight, here's Minnie, too. She's a princess.

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