Friday, May 23, 2014

High Five for Friday!

It's the first week of summer vacation! Woot! I got my hair cut to celebrate the warmer weather (and to get rid of the destroyed ends - the hard water here is brutal!).

For some reason that photo makes me look a bit fat... I would just like to set the record straight and inform you that I have not gained any weight. I blame Photo Booth.

While walking around our building looking for the cats on Tuesday, I spotted this guy in our neighbor's garden:

He's about the size of a golf ball. Pretty well camouflaged, eh?

The midwest has some pretty stellar thunder storms, and this Wednesday night we had a doozy! The lighting was so bright and continuous that I couldn't sleep (the light was coming through the closed blinds, through the drawn curtains). I finally just got up and watched it for awhile. I didn't take any pictures, but it looked something like:

...and it would strike about every 5-10 seconds. Very cool. 

I spent hours and hours yesterday updating my Resume, writing Letters of Introduction, scanning copies of my transcripts and teaching license, and filling out the longest, most tedious online application I have ever been forced to fill out. Why is this a highlight, you ask? Let me tell you: 
Because there are not one, not two, but THREE elementary classroom job openings at the school right behind our house. I am hoping to snag one for the upcoming school year. Perks include:  A 2-minute walking commute, full-time salary, and, well, that's enough to get me excited right now! 
Cross your fingers and wish me luck!

Tonight we are having dinner with our cool neighbors. One is a vegetarian, so I am making these vegetarian enchiladas, which I made when Ted's parents were here. The catch is, she can't eat tomatoes (and enchilada sauce has tomatoes in it), so I am going to experiment with making a red chile enchilada sauce that I found on the internet (at first I typed 'red child enchilada' and almost didn't catch the typo). It sounds tasty! I'll let you know how it goes.

Source: Recipegirl

So those are my highlights of the week. It's been pretty quiet around here since all the students left, but we don't mind one bit. We've practically got the town to ourselves! 

I should mention, there was one other highlight, which was going through some of the trash heaps that students dumped on the curb the day before they all left. I didn't score anything amazing, but I did grab a few good essentials and a little lamp that I'm going to makeover. I'll do a blog post about those next week. 


  1. Woohoo!! NIce haircut, good luck on the job search, don't touch the frogs because they give you warts :) and (Barb say) definitely don't kiss the frog - it doesn't work!
    And we want some of those enchiladas!! Who took the photo? Nice table, dishes and whoa! - presentation.
    I can almost taste it!

    1. I'll make the enchiladas when we're in Oregon next month, or you can follow the link and try them yourself! My enchilada sauce turned out pretty good - though I strayed from the online recipe because that recipe was NOT good. And the photo is from the website where I found the recipe. I can't take credit for it.

  2. Good luck interviewing for those jobs Mack. You know you have a school full of references here - don't hesitate to use us!