Saturday, May 24, 2014

Milo Update

Milo made another visit to the vet this morning. Last night he was very lethargic, and he's still mostly making little pees in the litter box, so we were more than a little worried about him.

He had a full blood work-up and urinalysis, and the doctor concluded that he's dehydrated, which is slowing his recovery from the blockage. Dr. Molly also said that Milo may have some anxiety that's causing him to avoid drinking water and peeing, so Milo came home with a fluid injection and a prescription anti-depressant.

Yep, our cat's on Prozac.

Hopefully this will help him get back to normal, at which point he can go off the meds. The fluid injection was still sitting underneath the skin when I brought him home and made him look like a little football player.

It's a little hard to see since he's the same color as our wood floor.

Minnie gave him a full inspection when he got home and concluded that everything was satisfactory. I'm sure she was secretly glad that she didn't have to go in the cat carrier to visit the vet.

As you can see, Milo is quite the gentleman when it comes to cleaning himself in the middle of the living room floor.

We're anxious for Milo to get back to his normal, lovey self. He's a big presence around here, and things just haven't felt the same with him being a little 'off'.

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