Friday, February 14, 2014

Who's a Snow Shoveling Beast?

This gal.

It just snowed about 2 inches in the last hour, and I slid right through a stop sign on my way home from work (and no, I wasn't driving too fast, dad)! It's hairy out there.

Since I'm obviously not getting back on the road, my trip to the gym has been cancelled for the afternoon. Never fear! There are driveways to shovel! I got a nice little workout shoveling not only our driveway but our neighbor's as well! We take turns shoveling for each other - whoever gets to it first does both driveways. :)

UPDATE: I've now shoveled both driveways twice! The snow just keeps coming down! They look like they're due for a third shoveling, but it's dark out. I'm not that beastly. Plus, what will our neighbors think of Ted if it's always his wife doing the shoveling….

Our friends across the street aren't so lucky. They shoveled their neighbors' driveway a couple weeks ago. The neighbors wrote them a thank-you card, but the next time it snowed, the neighbors shoveled their own driveway without repaying the favor! Their driveways are connected, like ours with our neighbor, and they only shoveled their half! Plus, they carried all the snow over to our friends' yard rather than dumping it in their own yard.

Excuse my French, but WTF?

In other news, we discovered last night that Minnie loves Olympic skiing:

None of the rest of us can see anything, but she follows it closely. She even watches the post-run interviews. I think she's going to grow up to be a competitive skier! Proud mama, right here.


  1. Ugh! You can have it; I got my fill in Oregon. It is a good workout though...

  2. Okay -not to rub it in, but it was mid 80's here today.

    1. You've got room at your house for one more roommate, right? It snowed AGAIN here last night.

  3. Come out. Bring your drinking water, cause we won't have any to spare, but I can almost guarantee you warm weather!