Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Shoveling Pro

That's me. I'm becoming a pro at shoveling snow. Or I'm returning to my pro status. Living in Boston for 2 years definitely taught me some things about shoveling snow.

For example, don't wait until the snow has stopped falling to start shoveling. My neighbors here thought I was crazy the first time I went outside to shovel our driveway… while it was still snowing.

But if you let it pile up, it's going to be a lot harder to lift all that heavy snow in the end! A couple rounds of light shoveling is much easier than one round of hardcore, 4-inches-of-wet-snow-piled-up snow removal.

Of course, if the snow falls in the middle of the night, you don't have much choice. So, since my class was cancelled this morning (yet again) due to weather, I got out there and removed all the snow that fell while we slept.

Break time.

There was even a nice, thick layer of ice on top from the freezing rain we got after the snow. So as I heaved the snow off the driveway and into the yard, it made more of a clattering sound than the usual 'wump' as it came down.

Now I'm back inside, celebrating a job well done with a cup of hot cocoa and a cat on the couch. I'm counting this as my workout for the day (the shoveling, not the cocoa-drinking and cat-snuggling).

I tell ya, I've had almost as many classes cancelled for weather in six months here than I had in 8 years of teaching in Colorado! Winter in Ohio has it's perks after all! ;) (Just kidding. I'm actually bummed that I don't get to see my awesome students this morning.)

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