Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's All in the Details

Along with buying cactus garden supplies on Saturday, Ted and I got a few little finishing details for the living room.

One of the things that's been on my to-do list for a while now is to put up some curtains. Our boring windows with cheap blinds just don't add a lot of character to our house and make it feel less 'homey.'

I decided I wanted tiered curtains in the living room to add a little depth and interest to that side of the room. Luckily, Target has cheap curtains in just about any style you could ever want.

I think these gauzy white curtains are meant for a little girl's room, but I like how billowy they look - they give some dimension to the windows. They don't block any light at all, but I like having lots of light in this room anyway.

Interesting sidenote: I ironed the curtain on the left before hanging, and I steamed the curtain on the right after hanging (just to see how the steamer compared to the iron). I'm really surprised at the difference between the two! Both curtains are wrinkle-free, but the steamed curtain hangs more limply than the ironed curtain. My theory is that ironing added a bit of static 'oomf' while steaming took out any dryness or static.

In addition to curtains, I picked up one more little plant that I didn't mention in my post yesterday.

By the way, that's the lamp from this post. I found a shade for it at Pottery Barn (there were cheaper shades at places like TJMaxx and Target, but none of them had the large diameter I was looking for).

Anyway, I love having living plants around. I figure I'll slowly acquire more and more as we settle in here.

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