Thursday, February 13, 2014

Crocheted Heart Valentines

After a little thinking, and a little inspiration, I decided to use my crocheted hearts for little Valentine goodie bags.

Since I only have 5 students in my class, and they had never heard of Valentine's Day until this week, I decided to really apply myself and make them some extra special Valentines this year! So I spent the morning sewing up these little muslin bags and zig-zag stitching the hearts onto them.

Each bag is half filled with a variety of candies - m&ms, chocolate, tootsie pops, cinnamon hearts, conversation hearts - and tied with a piece of ribbon.

I also dug out some old stamps I had and whipped up tags factory-conveyer-belt-style. I wish I had a pink or red ink pad, but as there is no craft store in town, I'm working with what I have!

Oddly enough, I also had this 4-pack of Chinese character stamps…? Don't remember why I bought them, but there happens to be one in the pack that means 'love', so I stamped it on the back of each tag.

I think my students will be excited to receive these, and hopefully it will make their first Valentine's Day in the U.S. special! I can't wait to give them out. :)


  1. They're lovely. What a great idea. You'll have to do a follow up and tell us about their reactions.

    Happy Valentines Day to you!

    1. They were excited to receive them! Most of them took photos with their iPhones to show their friends and family in China. During a class break, the one woman in my class bought me a bag of Teddy Grahams from the vending machine and gave them to me as a valentine. :) I love working with these students!

  2. What a great teacher you are, Mackenzie! They are all going to fall in LOVE with you, if they aren't already!