Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Updates Galore

Time for some life updates:

1.  Eye exam - Sigh. I went to my LASIK consultation after leaving my contacts out for 1 week. Unfortunately, my corneas appear to be misshapen from 20 years of contact wear. So, the appointment was cut short, and I have to go back on October 31. That means a whole MONTH more in my glasses.

It's not so bad. I'm getting used to it. The biggest issue is working out. When I run, I start to sweat, and my glasses slowly start to slide off my face. This just means I can't run outside. If I stay on the treadmill, I can take my glasses off without fear of running into anything. :)

2.  Hair Style - Yes, I know, the midwest curl was not such a big deal. I've since washed that (artificial) curl right outta my hair. And voila:

straight                                or                             curly

A little less pageant queen, a little more Mackenzie.

3.  And, while we're updating, let's check in with those goals I set back in August -

1. Be more positive (and nicer). Well, still a work in progress.
2. Get a smart phone. Still hasn't happened yet...
3. Start composting! I made the bin and bought the worms, at least. But we keep finding escaped worms around the house. I found a dried-out dead one that had apparently made a run for the basement. Another dried out worm on the threshold of the porch door (almost made it!). And this morning Ted found our cat, Minnie, playing with a live one on the floor. I think something is not right in my worm bin. They're all risking their lives to get the h*ll out of there... This may require more extensive research than watching one YouTube video.
4. Make some to-go jars for green smoothies. Love these. I use one every day. I'll post a how-to one of these days, as I have a few suggestions for improvement upon the original inspiration post.
5. Make over our kitchen table. I'm doing a few small projects first, to warm up. I'm hoping to have this one done by Thanksgiving.
6. Start eating a healthier diet of whole foods made at home.  The 14-day Conscious Cleanse and the fact that there are very few good restaurants around here have helped with this goal!
7. Learn to sew! I bought a sewing table. It's a start.
8. Get up early. Not a problem when you have to leave for work at 7:00am. Although it stays dark very late here, which makes this challenging sometimes.
9. Start an exercise routine. Still working on this one... We've got a rec center membership, at least!
10. Maybe trade in my mountain bike for a cute little cruiser. With a handlebar basket. Maybe in the spring...
11. Plant a container garden of vegetables. Missed the season for this one.
12. Learn to play the guitar. Yeah, not so much...
13. Learn how to can foods and make pickles. I should post about this. I actually did can some pickled green beans!
14. De-clutter. Simplify. Forever a work in progress, it seems... At least we have a basement for storage!
15. Read the real news. I listen to NPR on the way to and from work two days a week. I'm gonna say that counts.

How are you doing on your goals?

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  1. i, too, want to learn to sew . . . i wish i lived closer ;)