Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Earring Board Makeover

Today I'm taking a break from posting about the Computer Cleanse to bring you... another spray paint makeover! Gotta mix it up to keep everyone interested, right? :)

So anyway, this guy caught my eye as needing a makeover:

My mom and aunt made me this earring board a few years ago (Thanks, mom and Barb!). It's a frame with a screen stapled into it. Behind the screen is a piece of foam board wrapped in red and yellow fabric. It sits on top of my dresser, and I hang my earrings on the mesh screen.

I thought it needed a little face-lift. So I covered the screen with a page from a magazine and some painters tape and gave it a light coat of spray paint - just a once over because I wanted the carved scrolls to retain some depth:

I switched out the fabric with a piece of indigo dyed fabric given to me by a student years ago, et voila!

This was a super fast and easy project, and I love the updated look. It feels much prettier.

I decided not to paint the gold stand, just for a little contrast. Nothing wrong with mixing gold and silver!

It looks great on my dresser, and now I've finally unpacked my earrings from the travel caddy they moved in. :)

Hmmm... what will I spray paint next??

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