Thursday, October 17, 2013


Although I was not a good physics student, I think I remember this about inertia:

An object in motion stays in motion;

An object at rest stays at rest;

Unless acted upon by an outside force. 

Boy, is that ever true!

I've been reflecting more on my computer use and the internet. I thought staying off the internet would mean I'd get all sorts of different things done around here. I'd make things, I'd clean the house, I'd get outdoors.

What I'm finding, though, is that other sedentary things seem to take the place of sitting in front of my computer. I'm not really getting all that much done. Sure, I have short bursts of "doing stuff," but I soon find myself back on the couch watching TV, or playing the piano for 2 hours, or reading a book or magazine.

And if I start the day that way - sitting on the couch or piano bench - there's almost no hope of ever getting up and getting things done.

Today, for example, I dropped Ted off at work around 7:45. My morning then consisted of playing old favorites on the piano, eating lunch while watching TV, then spending an hour trying to figure out how to record the piano on my laptop without getting an electronic buzzing sound (I think I need to buy a plug-in mic).

Here's what I had planned to do, in no particular order:
1. Find my sugar skull molds, which would mean digging through my boxes of third grade classroom materials in the basement.
2. Pick up everything off the floors of the rooms upstairs and vacuum.
3. Get dressed.
4. Plan dinner and go to the grocery store.
5. Take some boxes down to the basement.
6. Hang some artwork.

Maybe I should have had this list on my nightstand, so when I woke up this morning I could immediately hop to it! I'll try that tomorrow. Today is pretty much a wash, as I'm currently sitting on "the couch of negative inertia." I'm not sure if negative inertia is a thing, but like I said in the beginning, physics was not my forte.

Do any of you have advice on how to avoid the "couch suck" on your days off?


  1. Enjoy the couch suck days, girl! Last year at this time you were working 24/7 with conferences etc. Be at peace with relaxing. It's not only okay, it's good for you! Miss you.

  2. I definitely don't miss conference days! That makes me feel a little better about not having enough to do. :)