Monday, October 14, 2013

Computer Cleanse: Day 2

It's 8:37pm and I'm signing on for the first time today (aside form checking work email and entering midterm grades)!

Today it was a lot easier to lay off the internet, as I was at work most of the time. :) BUT, I was home all night without getting on my computer. Instead, I went to hang out with some neighbors I saw outside.

As I was getting ready to cook dinner I spotted a couple of the local dads playing baseball outside with one of the young boys in the neighborhood. I decided to have a beer on the back porch while the oven preheated, and I ended up chatting with our friendly neighbors for half an hour. It was great!

I have to admit, though, Ted and I watched a few episodes of The New Girl on Netflix (through our fancy new TV)... so that might technically count as internet time.

Anyway, since I spent most of the day at work and have nothing new to report, I'll instead show you a few photos of the campus where I teach. It's the Middletown campus of Miami University, and it seems to be a lot of non-traditional college students. Some are older with kids, some work a job on the side while attending classes, and then there is the cohort of Chinese students who are there to learn English.

It's a very small campus - only 4-5 buildings, really. I teach in two of them, and my department office is in the third, so I pretty much get all over campus each time I'm there!

Here's the corner of Johnston Hall, where I teach Grammar 1, with Thesken Hall down the path in the background, where I teach Reading and Writing 1. Check out that beautiful blue sky we had today!

Here you see the library and computer lab.

And finally, Levey Hall, where the ELC (English Language Center) is located.

And that's pretty much it! I basically just stood in the middle where all the paths convene and turned 360 degrees taking photos.

And there you have it. My 20 minutes is up!

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