Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Computer Cleanse: Day 3

Well, today I'm going to say what most of you probably knew all along.

The internet isn't all that bad.

As I spent many hours at home today, I even began to miss it...

Who am I kidding? I started missing the internet at 7:30AM.

For one thing, it was a dark, foggy morning - perfect for crawling back into bed with my coffee and a good book. And speaking of fog, I have to momentarily interrupt this train of thought to show you the very weird color of the sky around 7:40 this morning. These photos are not filtered or photoshopped in any way:

Isn't that bizarre?! The air was literally purple.

Anyway, back on track, once I was done taking photos and crawled back into bed, I found myself longing to fire up my laptop and read some blogs.

Blogs have been a great "invention" in my opinion. There are blogs to fit just about every imaginable interest, and I learn so much from them. Some of my favorites are listed in the sidebar to the right side of your screen.

In addition to being great sources of information, blogs are also a nice way to keep far-flung friends and family up to date. For example, I love getting to see my friend K's kids grow up via her blog posts! Without the internet, I might receive a Christmas photo once a year but have no clue as to who they are as little human beings. K's posts about her kids' day-to-day activities, discoveries, and latest phrases help me feel like I know each of their personalities.

Another thing I rely heavily on the internet for is clothes shopping. I have a bit of an obsession with Boden. So, this little break from the internet is probably good for my bank account, however I really do need a pair of black tights right now.... so I may or may not have snuck a couple minutes of internet time to place a Boden order. They have the best tights and leggings!

Finally, I have to admit that I made Ted Google something for me last night. I did. I used him to circumvent my internet fast. But how else do we find information these days?! The internet is the ultimate educational tool.

So, as I take a break from zoning out in front of the computer screen, I'm beginning to reshape my opinions about the root of the internet problem. No, I don't like being connected to everybody all the time, and yes, I think kids need to learn how to do research in books rather than relying on Google, and yes, I think we all need to get outside into the world more often...

BUT... I also concede that the internet can be a useful and entertaining tool. :)

And I have not done well with my break today. It was suddenly essential that I clean all of our pillows, which I learned how to do on the internet.

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  1. oh, our dear aunt mackenzie. we are so happy you can glimpse our lives through the wonderful world of blogging. and we cannot (as lu would say) tell you enough how happy we are to see a little more of YOU here! (as you steer clear of the internet, we try to lay off the tv--life is already better!)