Friday, September 27, 2013

New Do

Got my first midwest haircut today.

I know most men probably won't understand this, but the women should. I have been dreading finding a new hair stylist since moving to Ohio. Sadly, my favorite stylist in Boulder moved to Wisconsin back at the beginning of this year, so I have been without a haircut for about a year, probably. It was time.

Moving to a new town where we don't know anyone our age meant there was no one to recommend a good hairstylist. I have been checking out studios as we tool around town, and they all look like they cater to older midwestern women.

You know, variations on the short-cropped poof with bangs. Former Miss Dairy pageant contestants and such.

But I finally bit the bullet when I found an Aveda salon on High Street (the main boulevard through town). I had been to an Aveda salon in Boulder, and I know all their stylists have to be trained at the Aveda Institute. At least I think they do. So I figured this was my best bet.

Overall, the cut and highlights went okay. Aside from the fact that this woman tangled my hair like you wouldn't believe while blowdrying. I think at one point she was intentionally teasing it. And rather than stopping to work out the tangles, she just kept blowdrying and snagging the brush on the same tangle in the back over and over and over... It hurt.

When she was finally done, she pulled out what I thought was a flat-iron (that's what my stylist in Boulder always did). I didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't see what she was doing.

When she was finally done and I put on my spectacles, I saw that she had CURLED my hair like ... a beauty pageant contestant!

Here she comes....

It's Miss America...

Milo likes it.

Now I truly feel like I belong in the Midwest. 

Thank you Midwest Aveda salon stylist for making me accepting me as one of your own.


  1. I can see the midwest "accent", but it looks great and a self wash/dry will take that midwest edge off ;)

  2. Here she comes....Ms America..... :)
    I want to see it after YOU style it. Love the color and you always look cute! (can't believe how long it is!)