Saturday, September 21, 2013

Little By Little

As any procrastinator who has moved houses knows, it takes awhile to completely unpack and set up your new place. Little by little Ted and I have been finding a place for the things we use... and throwing the rest into the basement.

Did I mention that I love having a basement?

A while ago I showed you a little peek into the kitchen, and now I'd like to show you how the living room is coming together.

The piéce de résistance is the pelican photo, printed across 3 canvases. I finally got it up today, and I love the way it looks! In Boulder we had it hanging in our office, which ended up being more like our storage room, so I never got to see it. Now I'll see it every day!

I'm trying to base the colors in the room around that photograph, though you can the pillows don't match perfectly. I want to do ocean-y colors with an accent of coral/orange. I might swap out those little pillows for something light blue.

Also, that little table is going to get a paint makeover, and that lamp is a work in progress. It needs a drum shade, but so far I haven't been able to find one big enough! It'll probably get a new coat of paint, too.

And, as you can see, we still need an area rug and coffee table. My dream would be a sheepskin rug, to add a little texture, but I have a feeling those are pretty expensive.

On the wall opposite the couch is our TV and arm chair. I wish there were something I could do about hiding those TV and modem cords. Actually, looking at these photos is helping me "see" things I don't see with my naked eye. I just moved that basket over to the left to hide the cords. Duh.

We found that cute green sofa table at the antique store in town. It's hard to tell in the photo, but it has little claw feet! And those of you who ever tried to watch football or the Oscars on our last TV will notice and appreciate our upgrade.

Last, here is the entryway of our new home. You can see there are some photos there waiting to be carried upstairs and hung. Moving has made me realize that we have a ton of artwork! We won't even be able to put it all up.

So that's the living room for now. It's a work in progress, as we need to get some rugs, tables, and shelves in there. I'm just hoping we get the house set up and completely unpacked before it's time to move out.

Seriously. When you're dealing with a procrastinator like me, there is actually a chance that won't happen.


  1. Yea!! New TV!! :) But you can't see it from the arm chair....oh well, I'm sure your Dad will scoot it around to see the football game when we visit. ha! That is.....if you have any reception or (gasp!) did you get cable TV?

  2. Nope, no cable! We get at least one channel that airs football, though. :) And dad is welcome to turn that arm chair around when he's here. The placement of our heat/AC vents on the floor just makes it a little hard to put that huge chair elsewhere in the room.