Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Date Balls!

One thing I learned during the cleanse is that there are things at the grocery store that I never even knew were there! Things I probably walk past every time I'm there without seeing. But now there is something I have discovered that has forever changed my dessert world.

Medjool dates.

They are in the produce section, on those low shelves below the produce displays. And they are MAGIC.

Not magical. Actual magic.

One of the few sweet treats we could eat while cleansing were these date/almond butter balls called Joy Balls. And they do bring me so much joy when I need a quick fix.

They're these sticky energy balls rolled in coconut flakes and hemp seeds.

When the creators of the Conscious Cleanse were trying to tell me that frozen fruit is a dessert just as satisfying as cookies, these Joy Balls were a Godsend.

And they're made with Medjool dates.

You pulverize the sticky dates in the food processor with some other ingredients until you get a smooth paste, and I kid you not, when you take the lid off the food processor it smells like cookie dough. Now, I have been known to keep a log of that pre-made cookie dough in the fridge to eat by the spoonful as dessert. But now I can eat a Joy Ball and get the same level of satisfaction. YES! Equal satisfaction. I am not making this up.

If you want to experience the magic, you can search "date balls" on the internet and get all sorts of recipes, or you could buy the Conscious Cleanse book* for the recipe I used. I swear you won't get any porn site pop-ups from Googling "date balls." I tried it just to be sure. :)

*In the Conscious Cleanse cookbook, these balls are labeled as Protein Packed Almond Butter Balls and a different snack is labeled as Joy Balls, but I'm almost certain this was a mix-up. I made both recipes, and these (pictured above) are definitely the more joyous of the two. So if you get the recipe from the Conscious Cleanse, use the Almond Butter Ball recipe to get the delicious results above.*


  1. I've never been much of a date fan, but I found the recipe online, and the woman who posted it was just as overjoyed and effusive about them as you! I may have to give them a try (she said, savoring her last bite of mint chocolate chip Tofuti Cutie...)

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  3. i assume they have almonds in them? if so, no good for our nut-free clan :( i'll trust you on it . . . (also, i have some diy things to get done. when can you come for a visit?) :)