Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Green Windowsill

As Spring is springing up all around Oxford, I'm trying to bring a little greenery to the inside of our house as well.

It all started with the cactus re-potting and windowsill 're-styling' earlier this week:

Coincidentally, this month's Urban Jungle Bloggers 'inspiration' was to add greenery to a balcony or windowsill. So. Voila. I know the photography is not as stunning as that of some of the other bloggers, but this is what you get with a point-and-shoot. 

The green-scaping continues with some herbs I bought at last weekend's farmers market. The market has been happening once a month this winter, and this last weekend was the first time everyone was really starting to itch for a weekly market. 

The weather was sunny, the temperature was nice, and vegetables are beginning to show up again! Hurray!

I need to pot these herbs in a larger planter, but for now they seem happy in another kitchen windowsill.

I bought a couple large planters at IKEA last week, but I want to try to drill some drainage holes in the bottom before transferring the herbs. Darn it, IKEA, why can't you just make plant pots with holes in the bottom?!

So that's my project for this weekend. I've been a little light on DIY projects lately, so I'm happy to have something to work on.

And don't think I've forgotten about my line-up of spray painting projects waiting in the basement... The weather has definitely warmed up enough for painting, so I'll be getting to those soon!


  1. This looks pretty good for a point & shoot, Mackenzie! Oh and concerning the planters from Ikea.. you can use them without a hole but fill the bottom with hydrograins (or regular gravel if you're careful to not over-water). Works like a charm and you don't need a saucer ;) Thanks for joining us this month!

  2. I love your line-up of cacti and succulents on the windowsill! You perfectly applied a mix & match approach: various plants in white planters make it look interesting but not chaotic! Thank you for joining our green family!