Friday, April 18, 2014

Top Five for Friday

This week has been a bit of a downer since Ted came down with a nasty cold and hasn't felt well since Monday. But despite his coughing, sore throat, and general malaise, I've managed to think of five "positives" from the week:

1.  Our neighbors just happened to host a backyard BBQ on my birthday, since it was 75 degrees and sunny last Sunday. Then we woke up to snow on Tuesday. What, am I back in Boulder or something?

2.  Since it was so cold on Monday night, I made a big pot of Red & Black Chili with all the fixins' (and a fresh salad, of course). Mmmm mmm mmm!

3.  There is an IKEA only 45 minutes from our house. Growing up in Portland, the nearest IKEA was 3 hours away, in Seattle. My mom and I would make a weekend trip of going there. Now I can pop on over to IKEA whenever I want, which I did yesterday. :) Got myself some new plant pots and gardening tools.

The green one is an old herb pot from Crate&Barrel. The white ones are from IKEA.

This is my new favorite cactus. She's got spunk.

4.  Watching Milo (and Minnie) run home when I call him. Notice how puffed up their tails are when they arrive at our back door.

5.  Last but definitely not least, I got the day off today because my students went on a field trip to Nashville! Woot!

So that's my Top 5 for this week. There were other good moments sprinkled in there, like the light from a tiny window hitting my potted plant perfectly:

... and receiving a BIG birthday box in the mail.

unraveling all that bubble wrap was fun

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  1. Seriously, we have to GUESS what you got? Unwrap, unwrap!!!

  2. Oh, all right...I suppose guessing is half the fun. From the top:
    A bottle of OPI Red Hot Rio nail polish
    A miniature vintage tea cup (partner to the opened spoon)
    Home made beef jerky
    Jumbo red wax lips - wintergreen
    A beautiful gold bangle with an inset red hot rio faux jewel

    How'd I do?

    1. Excellent guesses, Lise. I'll give a full report in another blog post - how's that? :)