Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Closet Clean-Out, Part 1

Well, I'm getting down to business with my New Year's Resolution #1. I said I was going to clean out my closet, consign whatever I can, and then buy only what I need. The point is to get more wear out of the things I already own and maybe make a little money by selling the things I don't really wear.

Our master bedroom has 2 closets, both of which are mine since Ted claimed the closet in the guest room. Every girls' dream, right?

(This is obviously not one of those blogs that teaches beautiful organizational skills.)

To start my closet clean-out, I labeled 3 boxes for sorting the clothes that are coming out:

The 'Transform' box is for those clothes I don't often wear, not because I don't love them, but because there's something just a little wrong with them. But, if I think I can fix that little problem and make them more wearable, then into the 'Transform' box they go! For example, this sweater:

I love the pattern, the color, and the coziness, but from the beginning the fit has not been great. The weird cut under the arms makes me look boxy when I wear it. I found this tutorial on the web, though, and I figured it couldn't hurt to try taking it in myself.

Other projects that made it into the 'Transform' box:

This slip, which is heavenly soft and silky but never gets worn because it's about one inch longer than most of my dresses. Also, the white color really screams, "Hey! I'm wearing a slip!" whenever it peeks out the bottom. So I figure I can hem it myself (doesn't have to be pretty as it will *hopefully* never be seen) and dye it a darker color. Transform!

This old sweater is too short in the torso and too long in the arms, but I have big plans for it:

I'm following the rule: "For every new thing I bring in, one old thing comes out."

Since it has a nice pattern on the sleeves, I'm going to cut them off and use them as 'boot socks'. Boom! Into the 'Transform' box it goes.

"Soon I will be a boot sock."

So now that I have some projects to work on, let's focus on the "one in, one out" rule as I find a place for some recent purchases...

As with many women, shoes are hard for me to let go of, but here are a couple switcheroos I forced myself to make during my closet clean-out:

Crocs: Milo's favorite chew-toy.

(Those red ones are actually kinda cute, but they're stretched out and fraying...)

As you can see, now that I'm out of the elementary school classroom, I'm trading out some frumpy flats for some fun heels!

Not every item that came out of the closet had a new item to trade in. Some clothes just needed to go because I haven't worn them in years. And there's a reason they've stayed for years:  they're just so hard to part with!

Oh, tight white pants. We had so much fun in college.
You made my butt look so good. But 10 years makes
a big difference in the hind-quarters, and I'm not
sure my 30+ butt looks quite the same in you.
So long.

First prom dress! How can I part with you!? I have been waiting for
the proper occasion to wear you again (thank god you are stretchy),
but for 16 years you have been wadded up in my closet.
That's not true, I did wear you twice in college.
Maybe you can stay just a little longer...

In the end, I had a pretty good haul in the 'Consign' box. Step 2 is driving to the consignment shop (once the temperature warms up - it's cold out there right now!). Hopefully some of it will sell, and I'll be able to tuck a little money away for 2014. 

Keep your eyes peeled for some posts about the Transformation projects... those ought to be interesting.


  1. Paul likes the tie sweater at the top of the blog post. As I was reading, he looked over and said "that's a cute sweater" in a funny way. He said, that's for Amelia? He thought I was online shopping for her! Anyway, if you ever accidentally shrink it, Paul would like Amelia to help take it off your hands :)

    1. I will keep her (and Paul) in mind! She may have to grow for about 10 more years before it will fit her.... Hope it's still in style in 2024.

  2. Hi! I thought your page was so cute! Just wanted to let you know I have an online consignment business that I sell people's designer items on eBay. If you are interested check out You'll make a lot more this way then taking it to your local consignment store :)

    Happy 2014!