Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It's cold outside. Very, very cold.

Ted and I went to the gym this morning when it was about 0 degrees. The streets are white with salt residue (after being white with blowing snow yesterday), everything is covered with snow, and it is so cold that any uncovered skin begins to sting within a minute of stepping outside.

Even the garbage truck was delayed by the snow and cold.

It was sunny and clear when we woke up. I'm not sure what's happening here with this cloud cover. :(

We've been told by folks around here that this is an unusually snowy winter. I saw on the news the other night that we've had 22.4 inches of snow so far (although this was before Tuesday's snowstorm). The average for this time of year is 9.5 inches, and the total for most years is 22.5 inches. So we've already surpassed what the Cincinnati area usually gets in an entire winter, and we're on our way to setting some records, I believe. It just won't stop snowing!

UPDATE: I just heard on the weather channel that we're up to 27.7 inches of snow so far this winter.... with more coming tonight (just a measly inch, though). I was out running errands about 20 minutes ago and my car thermometer said 10 degrees.

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  1. Hi Mackenzie & Ted from scenic, snowy Annandale! We got about 6 inches on the ground -- we were right on the boundary between two regions on the weather map. Today is in the teens and it will remain so another day at least. The polar vortex is hanging around for a while.