Monday, January 6, 2014

Back Home

All our bags are packed,
We're ready to go...

Photo courtesy of J.H.

Ted and I had a change of plans. We were going to drive up to New Hampshire to spend a couple weeks at the lake house, but then epic storm Hercules hit the Northeast. When faced with poor driving conditions, short daylight hours, and 2 unbuckled cats in the backseat, we decided against the 10+ hour drive (and subsequent 15 hour drive from NH to OH).

Instead, we headed home for a couple weeks of quiet comfort before classes start. Here is how the first two hours of our drive went:

Despite a loud and annoying start to our 8+ hour drive, the cats did eventually settle down and are now glad to be home:

Minnie, "getting her texture" on the rug at home

Milo snuggling with daddy while we watch a movie
It's snowy and cold here today after raining all day yesterday. The temperature read -4 this morning, and I suspect there is ice underneath the snow on the roads, so we're staying home! Good thing I have some projects to work on... Hopefully I'll get some blog posts up about those soon.

Stay warm out there!

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