Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snow Cats

Yesterday Ted and I woke up to freezing temperatures and a dusting of snow!

The cats have only experienced snow from the balcony of our condo in Boulder, so of course they thought they knew everything there was to know about snow.

But when Milo jumped down off the back porch into the fluffy white stuff, he was so surprised that he took off in a sprint to the left. He swiftly changed his mind, did a 180, and sprinted out toward the middle of our field. About 20 yards out he made a quick 90-degree turn and disappeared around the building. I was so shocked by his sudden crazed sprint that I only just caught a photo of him before he disappeared around the corner:

I quickly ran through the house to the front door and opened it to peer outside. There he was, looking panicked in our neighbor's front yard. When he saw my head poke out he came sprinting over to the door to come back inside.

Once he recovered from the shock of cold snow on his paws, he of course wanted to go back out and explore. His second foray lasted much longer, and now he really thinks he's the expert when it comes to snow.

I can't wait to see how he handles a really big snowfall!


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  2. I'm full of pride for my boy! He's wicked fast.