Friday, March 14, 2014

Oxford Happy Hour

It's Friday, y'all!

Ted and I have tried out a few different Happy Hour routines since moving to Oxford. We've been graciously welcomed into one happy hour group of University employees that consistently meets every Friday, trying out new locations each week. After attending a few times, though, we've concluded that it's mostly a singles group and we don't exactly fit in…

The last couple of Fridays we've been hanging out with professors in Ted's department. (So nice to be included even though we're not tenured.) ;) Above is a shot from a local gem, Kona Bistro. They have half-priced apps and well-drinks during happy hour - not too shabby - and they have a big front window you can sit in to people-watch.

We actually like Kona Bistro best on Mondays, though. They call it Martini Monday, and they offer a slew of martinis for $3 (along with half-price appetizers). So you can have a martini and a veggie quesadilla for less than $10. Sounds like dinner to me!

Tonight we're headed to another local favorite, the Quarter Barrel. There aren't any real pubs in town, but this one comes the closest with awesome hamburgers and a few good beers. They also do lavash, which is like flatbread pizza. The cheese and bacon one is sprinkled with green onions and drizzled with a balsamic reduction, and it is delicious. I can't wait.

I hope you're also headed off to Happy Hour somewhere! TGIF!

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