Tuesday, March 4, 2014

House Plants That Battle Air Pollutants

I recently joined this Urban Jungle Bloggers adventure. It's a network of people who are trying to add greenery to their homes, with a monthly "challenge" to try. Last month's (which I was too late for) was to style one plant 3 different ways. You can Follow the Urban Jungle Bloggers Pinterest board to see some other bloggers' posts about it.

Anyway, it was through the UJB Pinterest board that I came across this post about plants that help remove air pollutants from your home. I'm not going to type out all the information they shared on their post, but the gist of it is: "The air inside your home is more polluted than the air outside your home. So get thee to the nursery and buy some natural air cleansers!" The site then lists the top 15 houseplants that improve air quality, according to NASA.

Sidenote: What the heck is NASA doing researching indoor air quality? Aren't they supposed to be focusing on outer space??

The only thing the list was lacking, I thought, was a picture of each plant so I could pick out the ones I liked before running all over town to buy them. So, I did a little research (emphasis on little) and found a picture of each plant. Now you can pick out the ones you like best; your home's air can be clean and you can have some beautiful greenery to gaze upon.

Without further ado, here's NASA's list (again, what!?) with an added visual component:

Top 15 Houseplants For Improving Air Quality:

Heartleaf philodendron

Elephant ear philodendron
(This grows to be much bigger, by the way.)

Selloum philodendron
(Make sure you've got room for this big boy!)

Cornstalk dracaena
(Is it just me, or does that pot look way too small for that plant?)

Warneckii dracaena

Red-edged dracaena (dracaena marginata)

Janet Craig dracaena
(The full-figured sister of the famous weight-loss plant. Buh-dum, ching!)

English ivy

Spider plant

Weeping fig

Golden pothos

Peace lily

Chinese evergreen

Bamboo or Reed palm

Snake plant

I love that snake plant in the white pot. I think that's the next plant I will be adding to our home. I'd also love to have a tall bamboo plant in our bedroom. We need to add something with height in there. Besides Ted.

I hope someone else finds this little visual guide useful! Happy purifying!


  1. Please check and see if any of these are poisonous to cats. I had bamboo in my backyard which Baja loved to eat. Unfortunately, she got sick and the vet discovered that it was poisonous for cats. I chopped it down the next day.


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