Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas...

As the autumn decor comes down and the Christmas decorations go up, I am reminded of an age-old adage (not really, but it should be):

Cats and tinsel shall not co-exist harmoniously. 

Cats and seasonal decorations of any kind, really. You can substitute many words in place of "tinsel": Christmas trees, strands of lights, tissue paper, delicate ribbonfresh-cut flowers... The list goes on.

So I've learned to hang enticing things high with strong tape or tacks and leave the ornaments in a box. I had planned to show more of the Christmas decorations I'm putting up around the house, but then my computer got fried. So here are just a couple photos of the entryway that I had the chance to upload before my computer was so unceremoniously flooded:

Paper snowflakes in the windows

I picked up this wreath at a local grocer/Christmas decorations shop in Seven Mile.

Merry Christmas time, y'all!

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