Sunday, June 29, 2014

Road Trip!

Whew! It's been a while since I've posted, eh?

Ted and I have been in Oregon for a few weeks now, after driving here from Ohio with our two cats. The drive went pretty smoothly, with the cats resigning themselves to their fate and sleeping most of the way. We had to free them from the cage on the 3rd day in the car, when Minnie decided she was just not having it anymore.

I mean, can you blame her?

She was basically Milo's pillow for three and half days.

Driving cross country can be both exciting and tedious at the same time. The first day went by quickly as we left Ohio, crossed Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and entered Nebraska. We were tired at the end of the day, but we felt like we had made a lot of progress.

The second day, not so much.  Day 2 was like:  Nebraska.... Nebraska.... Nebraska...  Oh yay! Finally! Wyoming! ...Wyoming.... Wyoming.... Wyoming.... more Wyoming... Oh god when will it end?? Wyoming.... OMG! Utah! Utah! I can't believe it! Utah!

It was beautiful, but it felt like it took forfreakingever.

Anyway, we were tired of being in the car by the end of Day 2, so we made a last minute decision to stop in Boise on Day 3 rather than drive all the way through to Oregon. There we met up with some old friends who put us up for the night and showed us around town. We love Boise!

Please excuse my road-weary appearance and focus on C. She looks cute.

We peeked inside the capital building (yes, we are nerds), and I got to try out the panorama feature on my phone for the first time.

After that we did more normal things:

Well, semi-normal.

We hiked up this huge hill (in our flip flops) in Camelsback Park in the Hyde Park District. 

The views were awesome. 

On the final day of our trip (Day 4), we drove from Boise to Portland. And my heart swelled to 10 times its size when we crossed the border!

Ahhhhhh..... :)

This may look dreary to you, but it looks like heaven to me!! :)

In the next post, I'll put up some pictures of our adventures here in Oregon. We'll be leaving to head back to Ohio by the end of the week, so we're doing our best to enjoy it here while we can!

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