Friday, June 6, 2014

OMG It's Friday

Kinda snuck up on my there. It's 4:00pm here, and I just realized it's Friday.

I guess I'd better throw together some highlights!

OK, so this is most definitely NOT a highlight, but I just have to mention it because it has been at the forefront of my attention all week. 

I got poison ivy.


I'm fairly certain it was a transfer of poison ivy oil from the cat's fur to my body. It's all over my chest, neck, and both arms, and I do not remember rolling in a bed of poison ivy any time lately. And man, this stuff itches like crazy.

I will spare you the hideous photos. 

Now that the 'low-light' of the week is out of the way.... I did have some good times this week. :) This spring I'm really enjoying my walks and picnics in the woods with my husband. Today I went for a walk with a friend and the dog she's dog-sitting. The forests are lush and beautiful right now, and the weather has been just perfect!

I've had two meetings in Middletown this week, but Ted's had the car so I've taken the shuttle bus. Yes, this is a highlight! There are the nicest older gentlemen who regularly ride at the same time I do. And Ron the bus driver is just a delight. They all speak with a Kentucky accent, and they love to talk about the good old days. I thoroughly enjoy the 50 minute ride.

Along with riding the shuttle, I've done a lot of walking around town to run errands. The weather can't be beat, and with my new iPhone I stop and take a lot of photos. It makes running errands more relaxing and enjoyable.

Last, but not least, I'm planning on using my homegrown mint to make mojitos tomorrow evening. The mint has begun to take over my herb pot, and this seems like the perfect way to use it up!

No cat pictures this week, but there have been plenty of those on Instagram! If you want to follow me, you can find me at tigermack03. :) Have a great weekend!

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