Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Obviously classes have started. Could you tell? By the way I disappeared from the blogging world?

Also, I wanted to post about a lamp makeover I'm doing, but it's been so humid here the last two days that I haven't been able to spray paint.

Oh, the humanity!

So, to summarize, I've been very busy and I have nothing to show of my lamp makeover. But I'll be posting later in the week one way or another. I just have to get through my 4 hours of class tomorrow, then I get to relax!

Be back soon...


  1. The important question is: have you found a good bagel source?

    1. Oh, you just wait, Lise! There will be an entire post about THAT soon enough! Just ask Jenn Silbermann about Bagel & Deli...

  2. I want to hear about your new job!!