Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Slight Change Of Plans

Yesterday I had a phone interview with the ELL (Englsih Language Learner) Specialist at Miami University (of Ohio), and I am now a part-time faculty member, teaching English language classes to some of their Chinese international students! This will be a big shift from elementary school.

Though my original plan was to take a year off teaching, I've now spent an entire summer watching Netflix in a basement in Virginia...


... and I think I just might need some kind of structure and purpose once we get to Ohio.

This seems like the perfect amount. I'll be teaching a Reading & Writing course for 6 hours a week and a Level 1 Grammar course for 2 hours a week. I'm nervous about teaching for 3 hours at a time on one subject (to young adults), but I'll hopefully feel better once I see the text book and teaching materials.

Looks like I won't be just a housewife after all!