Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Crafting

It's the most wonderful time of the year! This year I am feelin' the Christmas spirit. I've already done most of my Christmas shopping, I listened to Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving (blasphemy), and I am really looking forward to some Starbucks' peppermint mochas in the upcoming weeks (despite the sinister red cup drama).

To kick off the Christmas season I got the decorations out of the basement today, including some cheap plastic ornaments I bought at the Dollar Store two years ago. I had this wreath project in mind then, but I never actually got around to doing it.

To set the mood for crafting, I put on some Christmas music and lit my new favorite Bath & Body Works candle, which is the "invigorating fragrance of snow-dusted balsam, fir trees and eucalyptus leaves." I highly recommend it, however it is STRONG, so you can only have it lit for short periods.

To begin, I bent a wire coat hanger into a circular shape and started threading my cheap plastic ornaments onto the wire. 

Once I had them all on there, I fiddled with them til they looked pretty good and glued them to each other using a hot glue gun.

To finish it off I taped the two loose ends together and glued one final ornament over the gap (reserved for this purpose).

To cover up the few areas that were less than perfect, I glued on some gold poinsettia flowers and finished with a glittery gold star in the center of my wreath.

Voila! My Christmas wreath is finished and hung. Even though the ornaments are cheap, they look pretty from afar (they're not even that bad close up).

Come winter, my front door will look like this:

Actually, I probably can't leave this up in rain or snow since the ornaments are covered in glitter - I don't want it to wash away. It's a nice pop of color on our white door, though, and I hope it spreads some Christmas spirit to our neighbors!

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