Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hello Again

It's been awhile, I know. I've just been a little too scatter-brained and unmotivated to sit down and write anything for about the past year. But this is my attempt to get back into it! I have cleaned up our office and placed my laptop squarely on the now-empty desk with the intention of creating a space in which to focus and reflect.

Since this is still a warm-up post as I get back into blogging, I'll share mostly photos and write very little.

Ted and I just returned from two weeks in Bend, Oregon, and man, was it beautiful there. Nothing beats summer in Oregon. What also can't be beat? The flight into and out of Portland:

Mt. Hood

The purpose of the trip was family-oriented, but we also managed to reconnect with some old friends, kayak in a mountain lake, and tube down a lazy portion of the Deschutes river. It was a time to put away the phones and relax, so unfortunately there are not many photos of these blissful moments of peace.

However, we did get some quality time and photos with my grandparents who will each turn 90 by the time this year is through!

Married 67 years - wow

Grandpa finally gets the idea of the "selfie".

Many of grandma's quilts are on display at the senior home.

Brother, Grandma, Mother

Grandma treats us to lunch

Along with visiting my grandparents, we got to experience the unique scenery, artwork, and character of Bend.

Crux Fermentation Project patio

Local "fashion"

Bison sculpture made entirely from recycled scrap metal

We did our own "artwork" by assembling this 1000 piece, nearly impossible puzzle!

Sunset on the Deschutes

Cascade Cycling Classic

Leaving Oregon was bittersweet. It's hard to leave paradise, but we missed our kitties so! 

On a final note, I have left my full-time job as Associate Director of the English language program and am returning to part-time teaching this fall. Hopefully this means I will have more time, energy, and focus to resume writing weekly blog posts! Only time will tell...


  1. i see you here again. i just wanted to say how much i miss your smiling face. xo